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Thankyou for all the ways you have enlightened, healed, revealed and made me aware in all my human & spiritual capacity....I'm most grateful.

Jennifer Plante 

Thank you Diana, you truly are a gift. You make the world a better place and I am so happy our paths crossed many years ago. Thank you My spirit bows to you,

Theresa Fama, BPF, RRPr

You gave a most amazing seminar - you were beautiful and brought beauty to the heart of every woman in the room. Thank you for your skills and loving heart and pure spirit.  I love your meditation CD's.

Joan Post Consulting

I always feel like a new person, physically, mentally & spiritually...thank you for your wisdom & talents. My spirits soar after a session with you.

Peggy Ely

My sessions with you allow my brain to calm down and I feel so peaceful..thank you!!

Janate Cooper, RN

Always love being on your table...your sessions are awesome!!

Kelly Barrow-Smith

Tree Ceremony

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