Ayurveda Kansa Face and Head Massage 


Breathe new life into your skin and scalp.  Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience of healing, deep relaxation, complete rejuvenation and revitalization with revived energy.

Combat the effects of stress and internal imbalances through an enjoyable way of releasing acidity and toxins through your skin. 


Kansa Massage helps tone the skin, smoothing out wrinkles by activating collagen layers.  By manipulating the marmas (intersections of veins, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons in the face and scalp) it helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, tension, headaches, toxins, inflammation and congestion by moving acidity out of the body, moving lymph and improving circulation so the skin and scalp are cleansed and nourished.  


Massage is enhanced with moisturizing organic oils and hydrating face cream.